Why your corporate event needs a photo booth

In  the age of selfies, tweets, #tbt’s and all other social media standards, throwing a corporate event that actually entertains your employees is becoming an increasingly difficult achievement. It’s hard! But we’re here to help.  One foolproof tactic to ensure your party doesn't end up on the wrong side of an employee snapchat is to hire a photo booth for your event. A good photo booth will add an exciting, fun, and memorable experience for any employee. And with the social media and email access that comes standard with any modern photo booth, you can rest assured that all of your employees will get their instant gratification fix through social sharing. Your party will be a hit! What other ways does bringing a photo booth to your corporate event add serious value? Let’s lay them out…

Hundreds of marketing images for your corporate site

Every company wants quality, marketing friendly images of their employees to add to their corporate website and social media networks. You want people to know you’re a real company with real, happy employees after all!  Some companies will even pay to have a photographer pop by the office and take some snapshots of employees at work, which might lead to some unintentional, awkward candids. These are fine and all, but if you really want to convey to a potential applicant that your company is the place to be, nothing is going to wow them more than a slew of trendy photo booth photos from the company party where the employees are revealing some genuine smiles! Now, add some fun props into the mix and you’ve got some vibrant employee photos that you can incorporate into your marketing sites for years.  You’ll be attracting top talent because they know you are a company full of happy employees, and you know how to rock a party!

Fully branded experience

Some modern photo booths (like indybooth for example!) can custom brand the entire photo booth experience for your company.  From the print template to a custom wrapper on the photo booth itself, you can ensure that anybody who stops by your booth will be exposed to your brand instantly. If there will be potential clients or customers at your event, they will be taking home a print with your logo on it as an everlasting reminder that they had a blast at your event.  I have a photo booth print on my desk with Puesto: Mexican Street Food’s logo on it, and I can't help but consider tacos for lunch every single day now. It’s so much more personal than an online ad because there’s a picture of me right on the front!

Lasting Memories for your employees

So you threw the best company party ever and your employees loved it! Well done! But if you don’t have the pictures to prove it, your perfect party will live in legends alone. With a photo booth, you are guaranteeing that your employees will have a lasting memory of the event. What better way to brighten up your cubicle than that hilarious photo booth photo of you and your manager wearing those ridiculous mustaches? Employees will be lining up to see what crazy prop the CEO is going to use is his pic. Now there’s a good photo for Glassdoor!

With indybooth, you get  a San Diego photo booth provider specializing in making your corporate event a fun, exciting, and memorable experience where each personalized photo is a shining example of your company’s dedication to its employees. Our professional staff will make your corporate gathering picture perfect and virally fun!  Contact us today and let’s get these cameras rolling!