DIY Backdrop Ideas

Ever take a picture that looks just perfect — you’re flashing your best smile, your clothes look amazing, and your hair is on point — but then look at it again and realize you’ve been photobombed by a dumpster in the background? Or your distant aunt with the traffic-cone-orange hat? Or a hapless groomsman chomping down on a shrimp puff. There’s a lot to be said for including a dedicated picture-taking space at your wedding or other major event. A photo booth with a customized backdrop is the perfect opportunity for guests to capture terrific memories of your gathering, and to share those memories with family and friends.

What should you do with the blank canvas of your photo booth backdrop? The possibilities are endless. You can go fancy or simple, fun or formal, elegant and modern or retro and totally kitschy. Whatever the theme of your event, you can make a photo booth backdrop to match.

Create a flower wall (real or paper, the choice is yours!)

san diego flower wall

A floral wall can be an absolutely stunning background. You can find artificial flowers that match the season and colors of your wedding to help seamlessly tie the photo booth into the rest of your space. Which is the better route to go? Here are the pro's and con's of each:

Real Flower Wall


  • Looks amazing!
  • Keep the flowers once the event is complete and repurpose them


  • A real flower wall is going to be expensive
  • Setup is time-consuming
Paper Flower Wall


  • Tons of color options to choose from. Maybe try a pink ombre or a color collage!
  • Easy set up once the flowers have been made
  • Less expensive than a living flower wall


  • Most likely a one time use
  • Paper can tear during the event

Whichever style flower wall you choose, rest assured your photo booth backdrop is going to look incredible.

Streamers and ribbons add glimmer and shine

san diego photobooth for hire gold backdrop image

Streamers or ribbons can be transformed into a dynamic photo booth backdrop. Simply choose your favorite color (or choose a few — try layering gold and silver streamers for a glitzy red carpet vibe), attach them to a rope or curtain rod, and set it up in the photo booth area. Your backdrop will look just like one of the sparkly sequins you see here!

Here is a list of everything you'll need to create your very own DIY sparkle backdrop

Get rustic with wood pallets

san diego wood pallet photo booth backdrop

For a more rustic feel, consider a wood pallet wall (Like the example above from These pallets make for a versatile photo booth backdrop. You can customize a pallet wall by staining or painting the wood, or by adding other decorative elements. For a photo booth at a wedding, add wooden or chipboard letters for the bride and groom’s initials or for the date of the wedding.

Chalkboard walls to display your message!

wedding chalkboard photo booth backdrop background DIY

Chalkboard walls are one of the most popular new trends in photo booth backdrops. All you need to do is buy a can of chalkboard paint and use it to convert nearly any flat surface into a chalkboard. You can write out a message yourself, or you can leave erasers and chalk in the photo booth area so that snapshot-takers can create their own custom background. If your penmanship skills are less than par, or you need to brush up on your calligraphy skills (get it..."brush" up), then you can always get a custom chalkboard backdrop created at online stores like Backdrop Outlet

Use the space for your backdrop!

If you’re hosting an event in a large venue, you may find that there are some ready-made backdrops available for your use. Look for trellises, hedges, murals, or other aesthetically pleasing areas.

Once you’ve picked a spot, cordon it off with velvet rope, strategically placed flower pots, or simply a fun hand-lettered sign that says “PHOTO BOOTH” so everyone knows that this is the place to be.

A DIY photo booth backdrop will guarantee that your wedding or other big event has the perfect photo op. With a little creativity, you can create a photo booth space that’s sure to provide a myriad of fond memories (and plenty of Instagram material) for your guests.

Need a photo booth to go with your backdrop? Indybooth has you covered. We’d love to be a part of your wedding, fundraiser, corporate retreat, or other important event — get in touch with us today to find out more.